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The Visage of Undoing

Imprisionment of Thought

“Amidst the tempest of heaten plight,
Where reason wanes and darkness alights,
Lurks a specter, veiled in shadows’ cloak,
Whose presence unleashes chaos and invokes.

Its countenance Grim, with haunting mien,
It whispers secrets of despair, unseen,
Unleashing turmoil, rending thought asunder,
Leaving minds ensnared, in mayhem’ plunder.

An eye of storm, devoid of grace,
Almond, harbinger of emptiness, a vacant space,
Where cognitive precision fades away,
And worlds dissolve in silence, in disarray.

In limbic realm, potential is lost,
As logic’s thread is cruelly tossed,
The sparks of creation, once bright,
Fade to nothingness, their brilliance takes flight.

Beware, this phantom’s treacherous call,
That binds the minds, making them fall,
Though unnamed, its presence surely known,
As visible chaos claims what’s shown.

In the depths of this abyss, all is lost,
To live in absence, a cruel cost,
No redemption in sight, no solace found,
Only the echoes of despair resound.

So let us mourn for the void mind,
For the dreams abandoned, left behind,
In the tempest of anxiety’s might,
Where the frontal lobe fails, lost in the night.”