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The Presence Juggler

True aspect

“The Juggler knows the ways of subversion. It whispers certainty at the giant walls of Perspective. Standing proud on the windowless shadow, it strikes its foe, giving them comfort and serving them with a glowing cherry. Honesty is slowly broken into curved and weakened lines, and the prey becomes unable to speak words of their own.

It treats all as lab rats.

The unaware become ever dependent on the everyday Cherry. The number 13 marks its presence. In the morning, The Juggler transforms into a purple dragon. At night, it feeds its rat with the same cherry.

Still, no evil can be found.

The long, movable arms, more like tentacles, remain dormant, ever-watching, placed on every public or hidden face of the rat. The Juggler activates the silent arms whenever it sees fit. Never as an indulgence.

Once, I heard one of its enigmatic phrases: “A little pouch filled with sand can store a whole family. I give shape, but you fail to grasp the semantics.”