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Observing (the) heart

Came He, recreated from dirt, now blind,
Frozen snake held, thus headless and frail,
As a cane to guide the body weight,
The once mad spoke his silenced praise:

“Forsooth, such a fate awaits
A life that endlessly vacillates.

For like a wound that doth not clot
Thy mind shall bleed a crimson blot
Upon the page of life, forlorn
And mournful, with a constant thorn
That pierces deep, and ne’er doth heal
A wound that doth thy soul congeal
Into a state of deathly sleep
Where thoughts and dreams forever keep
The same monotonous refrain
Of other’s views, that cause great pain
And lead thee to eternal suffering
Of a life that’s lost, and barely clinging
To the hope of finding thine own way
Through the darkness, into the day.

But lo! There is a way to break
The curse of others, and to stake
A claim upon thy own unique
And “Admirable” vision, that doth speak
Of life and world in ways untold
By others, in a tale so bold
That it doth make the angels weep
And demons from their slumber leap
In joy and fear, at the thought
Of what thou hast within thee wrought.

So let thy blood be spilled, and flow
Into the soil, where it may grow
A tree of life, that doth bear fruit
Of thy own thoughts, and none refute
The power of thy vision bright
That doth illumine the darkest night
And banish all the fears and doubts
That kept thee from thyself, without
The hope of finding thy own voice
That doth forevermore rejoice
In all that’s wondrous, and unique
In world and life, for thee to seek
And cherish, with a heart aflame
That doth forever bear thy name
In letters bold, upon the scroll
Of life, forevermore to extol
Thy experience whole, and thy wondrous worth
In the eternal dance of birth
And death, that doth forever turn
And in its wake, new life doth earn.”

Come Death, unite with the Brothers,
Said this to the old mountain crawler:

“As Friend, I claim what fate hath foretold,
Thy grasp on life soon to lose its hold.
Fear not, dear θαυμάσιος, for I
Shall guide thy soul to where all doth abide.

In that realm, thy memory shall reside,
A beacon of light, that shall never subside.
And in the hearts of those whom thou loved,
Thy legacy shall never be revoked.”