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Traveler’s Sketchbook

R$ 150,00

A5 synthetic leather sketchbook with built-in case and compartments for drawing materials.

Made to order, production time within 7 business days with shipping on the next business day. Production is carried out with constant customer feedback at each step.

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The Sketchbook Traveler is the model designed for those who carry many materials and are always ready to take notes or draw at any moment. We offer a wide range of colors, continually expanding as we discover more possibilities from suppliers. We exclusively use synthetic leather purchased from local suppliers.

Above: representation of the lines used.

It comes with 100 pages of premium paper bound by elastics that allow for sheet replacement, reducing pressure and anxiety when using the sketchbook. The lines used are waxed, increasing the durability of the weaves, stitches, and knots.

Above: available colors.

It features a system of 5 elastic bands to hold the internal notebooks. It comes with a direct warranty for manufacturing defects. If there are any ideas that you’d like us to implement and they are not among the options, feel free to get in touch.

Weight 0,600 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 cm
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