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The silent heart

The listener of what is beyond words, the unwelcomed oversighter.

“To make time often requires courage.”

“Sooner or later, a pattern emerges by our studious delving. We become privy to the levers and pulleys that make up the phenomenon of perception, itself. By esoteric technique and relentless exploration, we begin to disassociate with those more comfortable cultural channels in favor of stronger signals.

Experientially speaking, we feel ourselves waking up. Empirically speaking, it’s anyone’s guess.

Yet the door had been opened, the Otherworld felt, and it continues to beckon us closer. We find ourselves at a crossroads: do I trust myself, or do I trust my culture? We come to realize that our politicians, our teachers and our peers, our friends and our colleagues, were always just as unsure as we were and ever may be. Few ever worked up enough courage to swim beyond the charted waters.”